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Two years ago, we had a convincing win against the ladies. Last year, we suffered an ignominious defeat under the stewardship of Ian Potter. The big question is, how would we fare this year? Would the ladies winkle out courtesy shots from our kind-hearted captain, Nigel? Or would we uphold the honour of the captains and get our revenge?

Match One

Nigel Wates (Captain) and Paul Jackson (HH Captain) vs Roseanne Reese (Captain) and Kaye Gough (HH L Captain)

This was a cracking match. We all struggled in the heat. Paul and Kaye carried both teams in a keenly contested march. Honour was satisfied with a well-earned half.

Match Two

Joe Angella and Peter Barford vs Leslie Talbot and Jenny Fahy (receiving 26 shots, not that I want to go on about it…but 26!).

The match was very close, with both pairs going up at least twice. Neither pairing could hang on to a lead, and we went to the eighteenth all square. Sadly, Leslie won the last with an excellent four. As for Jenny, she played very well and took full advantage of her 26 shots. Lost 1 down.

Match Three

Ken Penfold and Mitch Clark vs Lorraine Everard and Alison Smith

Lorraine played so well, and we were hanging on for grim death. Ken messing about in the bushes didn’t help. Eventually, we managed to drag the ladies down to our level, and a sneaky put on the last got us a Half.

Match Four

Andy Plowright and Peter Billcliff vs Joanna Greenstreet and Jeanie Martle

It was an absolute delight to play Joanna and Jeanie. We didn’t lose, they won. (No, you definitely lost. Ed) Atlas Shrugged. (Shrugged, he buggered off in disgust. Ed).  Lost 1 Down

Match Five

Ian Potter and Craig Millyard vs Maxine Green and Rosemary Barford

Much to the delight of the ladies, the Sussex Gentlemen went down early on, but they managed to claw their way back to get a vital win. Steady pressure from Harry got the job done, and we came out on top. Won 1 Up.

Match Six

Alan Butcher and Brian Hooker vs Maureen Briggs and Linda Brand

This was not a close match; we got butchered. The Ladies were brilliant; we were not so good. We got fed up hearing 4 net 3, 3 net 2. They were very gracious about our abject surrender. Lost 4&3.

Match Seven

 Phil Williamson and Peter Ward (President) vs Wendy Melville and Nanette Meaten

We started off poorly, going four down after five. Wendy and Annette were playing excellent golf. Even if we had played better, we would have still come second (Ohh Matron. Ed). We were well beaten by two very lovely ladies. Lost 5&3.

Match Eight.

Keith Talbot and Peter Snook vs Caroline Angella and Liz Street

Our match was a hard-fought throughout. It was played in great spirit. The dynamic duo were dormy two but managed to lose 17 and 18 to Caroline (Who took great delight in telling her husband all about it. Ed). We shared a valuable  Half.

Match Nine

Dave Balfour and Tim Ingram vs Theresa Williamson and Laura Bennett

The ladies got off to a fast start; the men were behind from the off. However, we rallied on the back nine to go back to all square at 14; we won 15&16 to go two up, but, like true gentlemen, we conceded the final two holes to halve the match. Half.

Match Ten

Malcolm Holmes and Nigel Bennett vs Slylvia Huggair and Sarah Brook

The match went back and forward, in and out and up and down. All in all, it was a close shout. A birdie 2 for the boys on nine was outdone by a birdie 3 for the girls on 14. The beauties were enchanting, but the boys had the magic (Hot stuff, Ed). Won 3&2

Now, the more astute reader will have done a bit of basic maths and worked out that the Ladies won 6-4. For some reason, possibly betting-related, the match was declared a draw. So, following a full enquiry that determined nobody was to blame, the Ladies of Sussex are, once again, declared the winners.

Here is Nigel reluctantly presenting the Joe Lee Salver to Rosemary. 

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