Sussex Golf Captains

Welcome to your new website, hosted by Intelligent Golf

Welcome to Sussex Golf Captains, hosted by Intelligent Golf. 

What's going on and why? 

For many years we have produced and distributed a Yearbook. This booklet was a high-quality production, giving a potted history of Sussex Golf Captains, a list of members, details of competitions and matches, entry forms and a handy aide memoir.

Every January, I would look forward to the heavy thunk as it popped through the letter box. Once upon a time, you wouldn’t have been able to enter anything until it arrived. However, the website changed that. It became possible to enter competitions and matches from the 1st of January. Indeed the earliest recorded entry time was 12:26. Gradually, the number of paper entries decreased, and the number of website entries increased. Last year seven people applied for matches and competitions using the paper entry form.

Simultaneously, the costs of producing the handbook, stamps and printing increased dramatically. This year, the committee decided to cancel the yearbook. We considered several options over the summer before deciding that Intelligent Golf had an affordable package that met the administrative needs of running Sussex Golf Captains.

What will change? 

The first noticeable change is our existing website. While much of the content will stay the same, we will update the layout. There will be both; public and member areas.

You will receive an email with your unique login details. Once within the members' area, you can enter matches and competitions, order clothing and contact other members using the internal messenger service. You will still pay for everything using Bank Transfer.

Many of your clubs use either IG or Club2000. You should be familiar with the basic workings of the website. However, if you get stuck, call Joe.

The Big Changes


Players can choose their tee times for events. Once entered, your tee times are amendable. Note that you cannot remove someone without their permission.  

You can only enter yourself/your pairing into a competition.

If you organise group bookings on behalf of your club, contact Joe.


Members will be able to set their availability for matches and the tour. The Match Secretary will pick the team and contact the reserves. You can see who else has entered and who is in the team. Remember, we aim to give as many members as possible a chance to play.

By visiting the website, you can change your availability at any time.

You will also be able to sign up for the tour!


One of the downsides of swapping to IG is that we cannot host an online shop. However, there is an online order form, and you can pay SGC directly. Once your order is complete, you will receive an email confirming your order, delivery and the amount to pay.

News and email

Depending on your selected options, you may notice a slight increase in the number of emails that come out. On entering a match or competition, the system will send an email confirming your entry.

Within the members' area, you will find copies of the latest newsletters, match results and reports, and any important news.

Additionally, there will be 'How To' guides, showing you how to enter competitions, contact Joe or generally get the most out of the site.

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