Sussex Golf Captains

Match Report

Sussex v Surrey at West Hove

Graham Horn, Nigel Wates, Gary Salt and Roger Young

Matches are coming thick and fast, and we’ve now passed the halfway point in the season.

We are often heard saying that it never rains on the Captains, but how wrong we were. It chucked it down; fortunately, due to the proactive work of Richard Jays and the marketing department, our team were well-kitted out for the day. Surrey, on the other hand, not so well.

Anyway, fresh from a recent victory, hopes of a win were high. At least we weren’t playing against the Ladies again.

Today, we met at West Hove. If all else failed, there was always the pudding table to look forward to. So, how would we fair? Would Sussex be singing in the rain? Or would soggy Surrey be sorry they’d come to Sussex?

It’s summer, you know.  

Match One

Nigel Wates (Captain) and Gary Salt (Club Captain) vs Graham Horn (Captain) and Roger Young

Gary, playing off +2 had to give lots of shots. Graham and Roger proved tough to shake off and Nigel was not a lot of help. The match, played in heavy rain, ended in a narrow loss for Sussex. Lost 1 Down.

Match Two

Craig Millyard and Mitch Clark vs Richard Kennett and Alan Tickner

Craig and Mitch weren’t at their best but still played well enough to beat Richard and Alan. It was a difficult game as Surrey received lots of shots. It was good fun, and they were excellent company . Won 3&2

Match Three

Ian ‘Harry’ Potter and Ivan ‘The Terrible’ Parnell vs Iain ‘ Chuck’ Berry and Monty ‘Don’ Powell

There was never more than one shot in it, even with Ivan living up to his name. Monty produced a five at the last to win the hole. The match report then says, “Please check that Mr Potter has not walked under a bus” (I’m not making that up, but I can confirm no busses were hurt by crashing into Harry. Ed) (I mean, we do get some odd references in these match reports, I put it down to too much Sanatogen, but that one is lost on me. Answers on a postcard please. Ed) Lost 1 Down.

Match Four

Brian Hooker and Tom Hutchinson vs Martin Brebner and Stephen Brown

A great game with Steve and Martin. There was never more than two in it. It was truly wet, wet, wet – a true test of character. Won 1 Up

Match Five

Malcolm Holmes and Keith Talbot vs Stephen Woodward and Andy Wolstenholme

This match turned out to be a close one. Sussex went one up after four and were hoping for an early finish, but Surrey had not read the script. The last five holes of the front nine and Keith appeared as regularly as Halley’s Comet (Nice astronomy reference and put down, good work. Ed), but Malcolm was magnificent (Who wrote this? Ed). The back nine saw Keith come back into orbit, but Andy and Steve weren’t beaten yet, making for a nervy finish. Malcolm crafted a shot (Topped it? Ed) on 17 to ten feet, and he had a shot. Spirits remained high despite the weather.  Won 3&1. (Excellent match report; it had drama, pathos and a sense of ennui. 10/10. Ed)

Match Six

Ken ‘One More Club’ Penfold and Phil Williamson vs Mike Weaver and Paul Gidden

It was an excellent match played in a very competitive manner, considering the appalling weather. Mike and David birdied the first, and it took the deadly duo until the seventh to draw level. The next few holes were won by Sussex with Phil putting superbly. The game finished on the 15th; it was a very enjoyable day. Won 4&3

Match Seven

Andy Plowright and David Gillies vs Steve Cowan and Graham Palmer

Sussex came up against two solid golfers who played well with each other. We got it back to one down at the turn, but we folded like a cheap suit in the rain (Sam Spade? Ed). Lost 4&3

Match Eight

Norman Milburn and Des Malcolm vs Nyren Scott and Bob Langford

This was the Battle of the Black and White Sticks, one on 12 and another on 15 (? Someone’s been at the sherry again. Ed). There was a discussion with the home side as to which stick to go for because no one could see a thing.  Won 3&2

Match Nine

Tim Lorence and Michael Joly vs Nigel Smith and Graham Palmer

It was a close match, played with lots of spirit (Hic! Ed). We loved the course and the greens but hated the rain, but the company was great. Match Halved.

Match Ten

Mike Rham and Rasoul Shahilow vs Nigel Harris and David Yabsley

What a day for golf. Mike and Ras dovetailed well, giving eight and 11 shots and still managed to win by four. Our opponents had enough of the pouring rain and called the game off! Won 4&3

Result Sussex 6.5 – Surrey 3.5

There you have it; the sun doesn’t always shine on TV.  Even the pouring rain, captains can still manage to have a cracking day of it. It seems the tough conditions favoured the home team.

As for the food, well, when the photographer has to take two separate pictures of the pudding table, you know you are in for a treat. Apparently, the bread and butter pudding was particularly fine.

Next up, Cambridge at Royal Eastbourne. 

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