Sussex Golf Captains

Sussex v Devon


Following a good result Against Cornwall Captains, and an evening of moderate drinking our well stuffed party made their way to Downes Crediton GC. Handily located in the back of beyond, this charming course was to host a memorable match. 

To beyond and back!

Match 1

Nigel Wates (Captain) and Ian Potter (IPC) were entertained by the Devon Captain, Jeff Laing and the Crediton Vice-Captain, Andy Rogers. This was a great match, which was downgraded to a good match on appeal. There was lots of banter and some entertaining chat, although this may not have been the case as Ian’s hearing aid was on the fritz. Won 3 and 2. 

Match 2

Joe Angella and Peter ‘Tarzipan’ Ward took on Bob ‘Bilbo’ Beeson and Rob Pearce.  The game was lots of fun, unfortunately Bilbo and Bob had more shots than the Mexicans at the battle of the Alamo. Sussex rushed into an early 5 hole lead before we ran into a series of very short shot holes. Tarzipan contributed to the match by throwing a sickie, leading to a shortened round and a gentlemen’s half. Half

Match 3

Andy Plowright and Phil Williamson had a colourful match with Ian Black and Geoff Green. (Warning, this report may be triggering!). When Alice went down the rabbit hole, she emerged on a fairway two inches long and lost her ball, so did we! It was a struggle all day, we were three down after 13 and all square after 17, when someone (Euphemism) won the 18th with a shot. (It sounds as though you got the right Humpty Dumpty over it. Ed) Lost 1 Down. 

Match 4

Harold Knight and Nigel Powell played Lew Easter and Phil Webb. Unfortunately, Sussex came second. Lew chipped in on the par 5 3rd for a four, it was then we knew we were in trouble. Lew and Phil entertained us very well with their shots. Lost 4 and 3. 

Match 5

Mickey Grimes and Craig Millyard against Alister Grieve and Malcolm Hughes. Craig hits a fantastic ball, slightly longer than Mickey. Although, Mickey did out drive Craig on the 17th (Pictures in the slideshow.) (It was a good job Mickey didn’t mention every five minutes for the next two days. Ed.)

Match 6

Rasoul Shahilow and Andy played David Taylor and Ray Gunstone. Our opponents gave us lots of helpful advice, there was plenty of banter and we played the game in good spirit. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though the course was a bit wet, it was very picturesque, and we’d love to come back and play it in the summer. Won by something or other. 

Match 7

Phil Manser and Bev Legg played Brian Rice and Dave Smith. Good company (? Not Great, what was wrong with them? Ed.) and the game was played in good spirit. Brian and Dave made it a good close game. Bev had to rescue Sussex on the back nine as Phil had some funny shots. Apart from the group behind nearly taking Bev out, Sussex made it home safely. Won 2 Up. 

Match 8

Richard Jays (Vice-Captain) and Mitch Clark had a very nice game with Jeff Steward and Stuart Darke. It was very nice to play with such nice Devon Captains (Makes me wonder what the rest of the team are like. Ed.) It was a pleasure to watch Jeff putt on greens similar to Augusts. The course reminded Mitch of the Skids hit ‘Into the Valley’ (Or, We Are Not the Champions by Queen! Ed.) Lost 4 and 3. 

The result Sussex won 4 1/2 to 3 ½.

We would like to thank Downes Crediton for getting the course into a playable condition and allowing buggies, they have had a wet winter, and this was a great effort. We’d also like to mention the great service and the Wadsworth 6X Ale!

As for the result, a 4 ½ to 3 ½ away win is a notable achievement. Congratulations to Nigel on getting his first win of the season.

Next up is Dorset at Knighton Heath. 

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