Sussex Golf Captains

Sussex v Cornwall

Our first matches of the year were in the West Country. Many wondered about the wisdom of heading to Devon and Cornwall at the tail end of the wettest winter in living memory, but duty calls!

Our Merry Band left Sussex and undertook the long, long journey to Cornwall to be met by dark skies, squally showers and a freezing 50-mile-per-hour wind that came straight from Santa’s house. Matters were not improved by the bar running out of real ale and the staff threatening us with Doom Bar. However, a couple of G&Ts soon set everything right again.

Phil had arranged dinner at the nearby Eliott Arms pub. Dartmoor Brewery’s very drinkable Jail Ale averted the real ale crisis. We then enjoyed a three-course meal. In this case, the pub employs a portion control policy based on how much more food they can get on the plate. We were well-stuffed and watered.  

The following day, we were up bright and early for the traditional Full English breakfast before heading off to Launceston GC for sandwiches and chips at midday. The caterers at Launceston are big fans of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life and decided to restage the ‘Mr Creosote Goes to Lunch’ scene by bringing around exceedingly delicious homemade cakes!

After we shared a box of Rennie, it was time to get the tour underway and battle with the friendly enemy. “Get on with it”, cried the readers.

Match 1

Nigel Wates (Captain) and Joe Angella (Overstuffed Sec) took on Mark Twynham (Captain) and Frank Blake. Mark, formerly +2 but now off something in double figures, made excellent use of his driver by using it at every opportunity. Annoyingly, he did this to great effect. Frank, on the other hand, was content to watch quietly from the sidelines before making a birdie with a shot on 15 and holing a 50-foot putt on 17. The match finished all square. The banter was great, the views stunning, and the golf wasn’t too shabby either. Half.

Match 2

Mickey Grimes and Mitch Clark had a right laugh with Beau Meacor and Andrew London. Mitch tries to offset their loss by saying, “Despite playing under their course handicap, they came up against two in-form players, who dovetailed beautifully.” It was good fun, and they enjoyed the course. Lost 2&1

Match 3

Richard Jays and Harold Knight faced Graham Cowls and Phil Hodges. The Cornwall Captains were good company (and, dare I say it, better golfers? Ed). Phil messed the game up by putting his tee shot eight feet from the pin. Graham got (Harold,  I can’t read your writing, I do hope it was not a rude bit. Ed) waiting for me to get up to his drive. On the 18th, Richard’s ball is still running down the road . Lost 2&1.

Match 4

Andy Lamb and Bev Legg (aka Legg of Lamb) were roasted by David George and Graham Parkyn. The Cornwall Captains were great guys; they made our visit something special. They only let themselves down on the 17th and 18th by parring both. We lost 1 Down.

Match 5

Craig Millyard and Phil Manser absolutely thrashed Steve Davies and Mike Rees. Sussex proved too strong for Cornwall. After going one down early on, they turned the tide and raced to four up at the turn. Despite a valiant fight back (I suppose you have to say that. Ed) from Steve and Mike, the Sussex pair ran out 6&5 winners. (Apparently, Phil helped a little bit. Ed) Cornwall was gracious in defeat.  Won 6&5.

Match 6

Ian Potter (IPC) and Andy Plowright were on first-name terms with Chris Dennis and Roger Nicholas (which is probably illegal. Ed). Deciding not to kiss our sister (Have you been at the cheese again? Ed. (Oh, Google says this is some obscure American sporting reference, which makes sense. Ed.)) and get a half, Ian and Andy made a Blair/Brown pact (Nurse, nurse, he’s out of bed again. Ed) to win and sort it out later. In truth, we were three up at the turn and tried to throw it away on the back nine, but our opponents were kind enough not to accept our familial gifts. Won 3&2.

Match 7

Rasoul Shahilow and Nigel Powell squared up to Dave Lawton and John Rumbold. It was an evenly balanced match over the first six holes, then Sussex managed to win a few holes and never looked back. The course played long, and it offers magnificent views. The weather played its part in having fun on and off the course (I am not going to ask. Ed). Won 4&2.

Match 8

Phil Williamson and Peter ‘Tarzipan’ Ward (President) took on Steve Cox and Jim Mackenzie. Jim and Steve are keen bird watchers but we had no birdies today. There was lots of chat about the birds of Cornwall. Phil missed his playing partner, Peter, and is sure they would have won if he had played. As it was, Phil halved the match; it was a close contest with great company. (Buggies were banned, Peter couldn’t play and spent a delightful afternoon in the kitchen with caterers. Ed). Half.

The result, the match was halved at 4-4

A very successful way to start the tour and to kick off Nigel’s Captaincy. Cornwall Captains are always a tough team to beat.

The break in the weather made the day; we avoided getting wet! As for the homemade cakes, they were delicious. Launceston couldn’t have done more to make us welcome. However, they want to consider whether or not they are wise to stock beer from the Cornwall Brewery!

Next up, Devon. 

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